Movement is life. Imagine yourself as a river: clear, flowing, following ease, wearing away obstacles with grace. When our lives are balanced and healthy this river moves along unencumbered. At times we may accumulate the occasional branch from the periphery, dipping into our water and gathering debris, slowing the flow. This debris may come in many forms: thoughts, feelings, sensations, experiences, old patterns and habits, limiting ideas. Through deliberate attention and corresponding action you have the ability to gently remove the debris bringing movement and balance back into life. You are once again free, flowing, powerful, graceful, a full expression of your true self. This is the purpose of our work together.


During private Yoga sessions I collaborate with clients to create a practice that supports their current goals. Private Yoga sessions are especially helpful for beginners wishing to get started, rehabilitation and injury prevention, developing a personal practice, and experienced practitioners seeking personalized instruction for specific postures. 

*online consultations available


Through coaching I work with clients to envision and create dreams worth living into. We do this through a process of inquiry, setting specific goals, and then creating a kind of roadmap and timeline for progressing towards those goals. Coaching is useful for addressing any area in your life that you want to experience greater balance and fulfillment whether it's your career, relationships, or personal growth. 

*online consultations available


Each massage is tailor made for the client utilizing a combination of Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapies. 

*currently postponed due to Covid-19


Reiki is a gentle yet powerful practice which focuses on moving the flow of ki (chi, prana, life-force energy) throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Treatments may be performed with the hands touching or just above the body and the client remains clothed.  

*distance reiki treatments available


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