• Heidi Dyer

Calming Practice

For this short practice we will use 4 postures with affirmations to anchor us into a state that is less reactive and more calm, clear, and receptive. You will need a bit of space, a yoga mat, and a rolled up towel or blanket. You may wish to add this to your regular practice or do some movements to warm up (especially hips and knees) before attempting malasana.

I hope that you find this beneficial. With much love, Heidi.

1. Malasana

Open the legs a little wider than the hips and turn the feet out a little (no more than 45 degrees). Use the rolled up blanket or towel under your heels to elevate them. Drop the pelvis down between the knees and try to relax the hips, lower back, and legs as much as possible. If you have knee pain, you may opt to sit in a chair with the feet on the ground and the hands resting on your thighs instead of practicing malasana. Or, use a yoga block underneath your pelvis to support the hips. Place the palms on the floor (better on the earth) and breath slowly and evenly. After several breaths, affirm clearly (preferably aloud):

"I am safe. I have everything that I need." Wait several more breaths and then slowly extend the legs and relax the arms by your side.

2. Warrior

Step forward with one foot almost to the front edge of your yoga mat and extend the left leg towards the back edge of your mat. Bend the right knee (no more than 90 degrees) and keep both feet firmly on the ground. Extend the arms out and look over the right hand. Observe your connection to the ground and the strong, stable position of the legs. Imagine the arms radiating out of the center of your belly. Take several breaths and then affirm:

“I am courageous. I remain calm and responsive in the presence of fear.” Take several more breaths and then repeat the posture and affirmation on the other side.

3. Tree (variation)

Stand with the feet directly under the hips and try to relax the feet as much as possible. Move your weight over the left foot and lift the right knee slightly. Open the right hip and place the sole of the right foot between the knee and the ankle of the left leg, on the shin. Look forward. Rotate the palms to face foward. Open the chest. Take a deep breath and affirm:“I am receptive and open. Nothing and no one is against me.” Remain for a couple more breaths and then repeat on the other side.

4. Mountain (variation)

Stand with both feet directly under the hips, arms at your side, and place the left palm over the center of your chest (heart center) and the right on top of the left. Close your eyes. Observe the movement of your breath. Affirm:“I am grateful.” Imagine several things for which you are grateful. See them in your mind's eye as you express your gratitude.

Finish by taking several more slow, deep breaths.

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